Wild Lady PART 1 of 2

Freedom From Strategic Sadistic Abuse

Chapter 0: ‘Prenatal Mind’ WOMB / Sadism

Collective subconscious show without the main person in it.

Chapter 1: Strategies of Sadistic Abuse – part 1

Created sadist’s scapegoat under false accusations of harassment and threat – “You will pay for all the humanity.”

Chapter 2: Strategies of Sadistic Abuse – part 2

Lost innocent for the abuser under planned sadism with hidden agenda and confusion.

Chapter 3: How Strategic Sadism Removes HER From the Map

How institutional, community and societal madness including work area removes HER from the map and keep her in isolation entrapped in submission.

Chapter 4: Tortures Without Consent

Rapes on boundaries and punishment – violation of human rights and exploitation of the wildness and pureness of the innocence – extremes, perversion and its effects.

Chapter 5: Sadistic Excitement

Domination and power over – sadistic laughter everywhere – sadistic cackling based on their own crimes.

Chapter 6: Sadistic Public Smear Campaign

Public prosecution based on contrast based on sadistic parasite rising and one resolution – REPAYMENT

Chapter 7: Sadistic Persecution

Scandal and sadistic amusement with its participants and EXPOSURE for punishment/persecution from the eyes of the sadistic beholders.

Chapter 8: Sadistic Dance Around HER Face

Object of destruction – all about Face – sexism, misogyny, misandry and True Rebels who Choose Themselves.

Chapter 9: Healing Through E.W.A.

Locus of control vs collective mass hysteria… aka madness.

Chapter 10: ‘Postpartum Mind’ FREEDOM / Wild

The answer who is the mirror for all the sadists all over the world and why we need human evolution.

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