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Awarded author by Raymond Aaron, Ewa has been at the forefront of the worldwide movement: – to have the right to exist on this planet rather than being persecuted; – divine sexuality based on divine love rather than being prosecuted (love is always love; if it’s not love – it’s death); – using your voice rather keeping silence (including mutism/people with special needs). The award-winning author currently lives in the UK with her 2 kids but travels across the world conducting public speeches on big stages to raise awareness about mental health and prevention of domestic and international violence against innocent people inflicted mainly by institutionalization and research on innocence from sadistic societies / communities / organizations / legal / educational system.

We need a global transformation which will change towards a healthy society based on loving kindness, compassion, understanding and non-judgemental inclusion of all possible diversity on the spectrum of being a human as a healthy ecosystem based on humanity. We need to start from the most innocent and vulnerable – those who will carry living on this planet when we are not here anymore – our children, teenagers and young people teaching them from the beginning that: – the thought is only a thought (including judgement) which is created in the mind of the exact body beholder and that feelings are to be felt in the exact body of the exact beholder. All is about human evolution as inner transformation to reach wholeness (Path to Epic Hello – Human rights are for humans, and if a human is a human, that means a human is not a product.

Product rights are product rights (including kidnapping). Ewa is operating on the following online portfolios:,,, where she works around domestic and international establishments based on human evolution. Ewa is an aspiring writer, artist, inventor and entrepreneur who is coaching “one on many” internationally lives from authenticity and wholeness.

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